Volume 19: The Quaranwine Edition

Illustration by Anna Vu (@goodwinecrapdrawing)
Stefan Vetter
Franconia, Germany

This wine is a treasure I found while checking a distributors' catalog. With almost 10 years of age, this is such a gem I think we should all celebrate it's still around. For a while, Stefan was working in Burgenland and would make wine together with his friend Roman Janisch. For five years, he would make this red, and it's such a delicious version that is still so fresh and has a clean fruit you wouldn't think it's from 2011. With its balanced play between acidity and tannins, it will be the ultimate easter wine for that lamb roast or any other hearty dish. If you can open it ahead, so it can open up to bring even more joy to the table.

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Andreas Gsellmann
Quell Rosé Brut
Pinot Noir, St. Laurent
Burgenland, Austria

This sparkling wine was made in the traditional Champagne method. Not like most sparkling wines we feature, in the ancestral method. After a very short time of maceration to bring some of the grapes' color into the juice, the must went into big oak and wooden barrels to ferment and age for about half a year. After which it went into the bottles with yeast and sugar to start the secondary fermentation and ripen on the lees for 3 years. A very approachable sparkler with enough complexity to make it worthwhile by itself or as a pairing with a starter or dessert.

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Oriol Artigas
La Rumbera
Pansa Blanca
Alella, Spain

This white is made with one of the most prominent white grape varieties in the region. After hand-harvest, 80% are directly pressed, and the remaining grapes are crushed together with the skins for additional structure and tannins and macerates for five days. Together the juice ferments for ten months in steel tanks and is bottles without anything added or taken away. The granitic soil adds the right amount of salinity and some tart fruit, which should beam you right to a Spanish beach near Barcelona with a gentle breeze and some tasty fishy snacks.

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