Andreas Gsellmann
Quell Rosé Brut
Pinot Noir, St. Laurent
Burgenland, Austria

When in 2005, Andreas joined the family winery his father told him to follow his own path and look for comrades. He knew what he was talking about as he was one of the Pannobile founders, which includes some of the best winemakers in the Burgenland region. One thing Andreas knew right from the beginning: he wanted to get closer to nature, and so he started working with Andrew Lorand, one of the pioneers in bio-dynamic farming. Since 2011 the winery is certified bio-dynamic, and in 2019 Andreas took over the 19-hectare winery from his dad.

This sparkling wine was made in the traditional Champagne method. Not like most sparkling wines we feature, in the ancestral method. After a very short time of maceration to bring some of the grapes' color into the juice, the must went into big oak and wooden barrels to ferment and age for about half a year. After which it went into the bottles with yeast and sugar to start the secondary fermentation and ripen on the lees for 3 years. A very approachable sparkler with enough complexity to make it worthwhile by itself or as a pairing with a starter or dessert.

This wine is part of
Volume 19: The Quaranwine Edition