About us

No, I'm no Master of Wine or working on my WSET diploma. I'm just in love with all the fantastic winemakers and the wines they make and how we together create a community.

I had my first natural wine in 2008 in a restaurant in Malmö, Sweden. It was Les Puits by Oliver Lemasson. People called it unfiltered wine, and I loved it but didn't see it anywhere when back in Germany.

Years later it showed up on menus everywhere I would go. So I went out and wanted to try more and learn all there was. With a certain nerdy approach, I quickly got deeper and deeper into the topic, and people asked me if I could recommend wines to them or even order them a couple when I found stuff in France or Spain.

After a little moonlighting phase I started to think about how a new curated members-only club could work. I made it exactly like something I would have always wanted. More like your typical digital service, than the awkward wine shop visit we all know.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions just ask me via email marcus@plain.wine or Instagram @plain.wine.