Oriol Artigas
La Rumbera
Pansa Blanca
Alella, Spain

While studying chemistry, Oriol got to experience winemaking and discovered his fascination with the topic. When he later started teaching enology, he met an old winemaker who was determined to protect his vineyard from all the real estate people. They saw more potential in developing them into housing instead of wine, as the region is very close to Barcelona. The winemaker and Oriol became friends, and in 2011 Oriol took over the winery and focused very much on protecting and growing biodiversity. Slowly but surely, he's becoming one of the more important Spanish winemakers with a focus on natural methods.

This white is made with one of the most prominent white grape varieties in the region. After hand-harvest, 80% are directly pressed, and the remaining grapes are crushed together with the skins for additional structure and tannins and macerates for five days. Together the juice ferments for ten months in steel tanks and is bottles without anything added or taken away. The granitic soil adds the right amount of salinity and some tart fruit, which should beam you right to a Spanish beach near Barcelona with a gentle breeze and some tasty fishy snacks.

This wine is part of
Volume 19: The Quaranwine Edition