Stefan Vetter
Franconia, Germany

When Stefan saw an ad for a small parcel of land in a local newspaper, he immediately fell for it and started his very own idea of winemaking. After two years in Burgenland, he came back to his home and took two more parcels to elevate the grape of Franconia Sylvaner to new heights. He farms about five hectares in a region that historically was one of the most famous for wine in Germany. His wines are more akin to Burgundy or Jura whites than anything that is being made around him by big nondescript wineries. He works bio-dynamically and uses only small amounts of sulfur.

This wine is a treasure I found while checking a distributors' catalog. With almost 10 years of age, this is such a gem I think we should all celebrate it's still around. For a while, Stefan was working in Burgenland and would make wine together with his friend Roman Janisch. For five years, he would make this red, and it's such a delicious version that is still so fresh and has a clean fruit you wouldn't think it's from 2011. With its balanced play between acidity and tannins, it will be the ultimate easter wine for that lamb roast or any other hearty dish. If you can open it ahead, so it can open up to bring even more joy to the table.

This wine is part of
Volume 19: The Quaranwine Edition