Vin de LaGamba
Dornfelder, Sylvaner
Rheinhessen, Germany

If you come to experience Berlin with 22, you probably don't expect to make wine after a couple of years. But, Canadian Alanna Lagamba fell in love with wine, and after working in restaurants for a while decided learn more about the wine world. When she met golden boy Martin Woerner of Marto fame and asked him to work at his winery. And after a while working for him during harvest and in the cellar, she essentially never left again. Soon she wanted to make her own wine and bought grapes from Martin and planned her first vintage.

What came out of this initial vintage is a sparkling red wine made in a Lambrusco style. As Alanna has Italian roots, this is her ode to it, and the name is, of course, her way to call all the women out there. The Dornfelder grapes were harvested in early September and then ran through a carbonic maceration for two weeks, where the fermentation happens in the berry. Then they finished fermentation in wooden barrels, and some Sylvaner juice was added for better acidity. It got bottled with some extra Prosecco juice to make it sparkling in the bottles for the secondary fermentation. And be CAREFUL when you open it: wait at least one day after shipping, have it really cool and open it with glasses nearby to catch all the foam. With this energetic wine, eat some salty snacks or some hearty pasta.

This wine is part of
Volume 20: The Apprentice Edition