Moritz Kissinger
Null Ohm rot 2021
Pinot Noir, Dornfelder
Rheinhessen, Germany

Moritz Kissinger and his father, Jürgen, farm 13 hectares in the Rhine valley, producing fresh, mineral wines in the 4th generation. The vineyards are spread out, with some parcels based around Uelversheim and the rest unfolding south from Oppenheim towards Guntersblum along the west bank of the river. Chardonnay, Spätburgunder, Pinot Blanc and Riesling are the main varieties grown here, all of which are handpicked and fermented in oak barrels.

Null Ohm rot 2021 is 60% Pinot Noir (aka Spätburgunder) and 40% Dornfelder. The Pinot Noir was macerated for eight days before being pressed over 18 hours, then aged in small 225 l barrels for 11 months. The Dornfelder had a mere two days on the skins and was aged for the same amount of time but in 2400 l Doppelstück barrels. This is a lively wine where juicy berries meet deeper, spicy and herbal notes. Drink chilled: Moritz recommends starting around 8 degrees, he guarantees that the bottle will be finished before it reaches 12!

This wine is part of
Volume 50: The juicy edition