Kumpf et Meyer
Dark Nat
Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris
Alsace, France

When in 1997 the young couple Sophie Kumpf and Philippe Meyer started their new winery they simply merged their Alsatian family estates. They started this winery with a lot of passion, but as life sometimes happens, Philippe left for new adventures and wasn’t interested in making wine anymore. Luckily Sophie found Julien Albertus in 2010 to take over the winemaking, so she could focus on the administrative side of things. With him came new ideas on how to make wine and after some serious convincing of Sophie to switch to organic he is now in the process of taking some things from biodynamic and applying it to the 16 hectares they farm.

This Pet Nat is different. First, it’s what is called a co-ferment — that is when red and white grapes ferment together. The grapes come from the slopes around Rosheim and Molsheim where the soil is mainly consisting of limestone clay. After the harvest in September, they macerated for seven days and were put into the bottle with 12 grams of sugar to finish fermentation in the bottle and to create the bubbles. It has some lighter mineral qualities and some beautiful tannins to keep you going with your food. It’s funky cherry coke for adults, and as such it will work with many of the best simple foods.

This wine is part of
Volume 12: The Alsace Edition