Kemker Kultuur
Lust no. 01-2021 “Cassis”
Apple, Blackcurrant
Münsterland, Germany

Kemker Kultuur brewery is located on a farm in the village of Alverskirchen, 15 kilometres from Münster in western Germany. Jan and Nicole work here in a converted barn, making beer, cider and fruit wines within a growing community of family businesses and farmers. The fruit is handpicked from a number of organic orchards in the neighbouring countryside, consisting of ancient varieties of trees that grow in natural formations. Although Jan and Nicole have planted their own orchards, these will take some years to yield fruit. It is time consuming work, which requires much hand sorting and selecting to ensure the best fruits reach the press.

Blackcurrants and apples are combined in this playful fruit wine. The fruit is crushed and macerated overnight, before being put through a hydraulic press. Typically these fruit wines ferment from 6–9 months but, after 5 months in stainless steel, Lust was ready! Animating, juicy and with a slight rose fragrance, this is something between a gamay and a floral black tea. Harvested in 2021, it can be kept in a cool place for 2–3 years, or enjoyed immediately.

This wine is part of
Volume 50: The juicy edition