Glow Glow
Regent, Dornfelder
Nahe, Germany

Mandel is a small, rural village close to the Nahe - the river which lends its name to this winegrowing region. Here, the Baumbergers began to make wine in 1855 and in 2019 Pauline Baumberger-Brand gave life to the natural wine line Glow Glow, which she now runs with her brother Carl. Pauline studied communication design and lived in Paris, Berlin and The Hague before deciding to return to her roots and to the family business, bringing with her a newfound love for natural wine. Winemaking in Mandel is nothing new - during harvest weeks the sun rises on bustling roads as tractors and pickers take to the fields. Natural wine however? Pauline certainly raised some eyebrows with her choice, and even her father took some persuading! Today, Pauline and her brother Carl, who always wanted to be a winemaker, are a dynamic duo. Their energy and zest for life is infectious and it’s no surprise that harvest time sees friends flocking from Berlin to breathe in the good vibes and the country air. For the Baumbergers, working in a family winery is about sharing ideas, experiences and dreams, as well as learning from and questioning one another. Family meetings are held frequently and show a refreshing flexibility and openness, particularly when it comes to recognising a need for change.

Welcome Rot, a new addition to the line which combines Regent and Dornfelder. These grapes required a lot of hand sorting due to Drosophila Suzukii, a fruit fly which can infest ripening grapes - just one example of the dedication and patience that feed this wine. Both varieties are frequently underrated, and Pauline and Carl have had their curiosity rewarded with a juicy, fruity and fun cuvée. They employed a cold maceration to achieve soft tannins and to bring out the full flavour of the fruits. Remember Weiss? This is the glowing red counterpart! Serve chilled with a lakeside picnic.

This wine is part of
Volume 44: The old and new friends edition