Erich und Michael Andert
Pamhogna Rot
Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sankt Laurent
Burgenland, Austria

The two brothers Erich and Michael grew up on a farm in Pamhagen near Neusiedler lake where wine was just one part of the production. Nowadays they mostly focus on wine, and they’ve been farming the 4.5 hectares bio-dynamically since 2003. To fertilize only manure from their animals is used. Everything is very down to earth as they have the cellar right under their house and do the labeling in the garage. As several sources have told me, the cellar is without electricity, and any tasting down there is done with candles — next time I want to see this.

As a blend, this red wine had some time to mature in this very cellar. After 7 to 20 days it was pressed and left in the barrel for at least two years. Without filtering it was bottled by hand and finished with a little bit of sulfur. You should definitely open this a little bit in advance, ideally one day ahead of time. With some smooth tannins and darker and spicier notes of blackberry, this should be an ideal steak wine.

This wine is part of
Volume 7: The Springish Edition