Brand Bros
Pet Nat white
Pinot Blanc, Silvaner
Pfalz, Germany

When Daniel and Jonas grew up in their parents' winery, it was already in its fifth generation. Once they were old enough, they knew they wanted to continue that work and wanted to do things differently. In 2011 already, Daniel had done some early low-intervention experiments with his "Schwurhand" line. In 2014, after Jonas came back from internships at Jousset in France and some other places in Europe, they started the transformation of the winery. They are farming 18 hectares, mostly with bio-dynamic methods. For their young age, they're already very high up on the natural wine ladder.

This Pet Nat is as simple as it's made. The harvest was reasonably early in August, and after 10 hours of mashing, it was pressed. After a couple of weeks fermenting in steel and oak, it was bottled in September with some sugar left to finish fermentation in the bottle and make it fizzy. The result is a low alcohol, mineral-driven Sparkler, which you can have at every time of the day. Trust us on this one: with some of the floral notes, drink it for Sunday brunch or as a crowd-pleaser before your dinner party.

This wine is part of
Volume 22: The All-star Edition