Volume 22: The All-star Edition

Illustration by Anna Vu (@goodwinecrapdrawing)
Brand Bros
Pet Nat white
Pinot Blanc, Silvaner
Pfalz, Germany

This Pet Nat is as simple as it's made. The harvest was reasonably early in August, and after 10 hours of mashing, it was pressed. After a couple of weeks fermenting in steel and oak, it was bottled in September with some sugar left to finish fermentation in the bottle and make it fizzy. The result is a low alcohol, mineral-driven Sparkler, which you can have at every time of the day. Trust us on this one: with some of the floral notes, drink it for Sunday brunch or as a crowd-pleaser before your dinner party.

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Claus Preisinger
Kalkunkiesel weiss
Pinot Blanc, Grüner Veltliner, Muskateller, Welschriesling
Burgenland, Austria

This light orange wine has gotten less skin contact over the years and is now down to four days. Parts were macerated as bunches with the stems, and the bigger part went through a quick carbonic maceration in steel tanks. After the four days, everything is pressed and fermented for about two weeks in big oak barrels. Aging happens with a mix of oak barrels and amphorae for another eight months. The result smells like dried fruit and pear, while it tastes like a herbal ripe apple tart with some sea salt on top. Try it with your favorite Asian food or simply with some good old cheese.

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Olla Rouge
Grenache Noir, Grenache Gris, Macabeu
Roussillon, France

This red is unique, as it's a field blend with a good amount of white grapes mixed in. All grow together in a 45-year old vineyard and are all picked at the same time. They go through a carbonic maceration with whole bunches for a little over a week and then the pressed juice ferments and ages for seven months in cement vats. It's an incredible explosion with lots of berry aromas and some proper southern herbs and black olives mixed in. With its juicy fruitiness, it works well many savory foods like goulash, but also with vegetarian curry.

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