Perspektive Rot
Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent
Burgenland, Austria

Winemaking has been in the Koppitsch family for over 500 years; a family tradition passed from generation to generation. The vineyards lie to the north of Lake Neusiedl, not far from the Austrian border with Hungary and Slovakia. Alex and Maria Koppitsch took up the torch in 2011, continuing the work of their ancestors with a clear vision: low intervention wine.

Perspektive Rot 2020 is 70% Blaufränkisch and 30% St. Laurent, both grown on limestone soil. The grapes are partially de-stemmed before fermenting in open top stainless steel and fibreglass vats. After fermenting on the skins for around 10 days, the juice is pumped into barrels where it matures for 22 months and, 1 day before bottling, various barrels are blended together. The result is a juicy red wine with earthy notes and lots of dark berries – surprisingly intense given a mere 10% ABV. Enjoy with a simple sandwich of fresh cheese, dried tomatoes and black olives.

This wine is part of
Volume 49: The harvest edition