Volume 67

Illustration by Anna Vu (@goodwinecrapdrawing)
Wein Goutte
Pasta Buzz
Franken, Germany

The following year saw the confident creation of Pasta Buzz – a blend made from two of Wein Goutte’s much-loved PiWis, Muscaris and Johanitter, and a little of every white variety they have including Silvaner, the flagship grape of the region. It’s a versatile wine that blurs the line between white and orange. Fresh but without too much acidity, easy drinking but still intriguing, and fantastic with food. Müller-Thurgau, Muscaris and Bacchus were direct pressed, and whole bunch Pinot Blanc and Silvaner given a couple of days’ skin contact before pressing. A rustic touch comes from Johanitter grapes; fully fermented on the skins, they give a tannic structure that stands up to anything from pork belly to spicy noodles, or an unabashed heap of pasta. Enjoy chilled.

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Alexandre Dupont de Ligonnès
Kesse Comtesse
Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris
Saxony, Germany

Kesse Comtesse, the ‘cheeky countess’, is an animating rosé made by blending red and white varieties (‘Rotling’ in German) rather than a classic rosé from red alone. For this 2019 vintage, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc were pressed together, while Pinot Gris was destemmed and skin-fermented with the Noir and Blanc juice. A third of each variety, fermented in inox and clay followed by maturation in inox (80%) and barrique (20%) for 10 months. A wine with acidity and reduction that goes well with a blood orange and rocket salad, and freshly ground black pepper. Drink chilled.

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Brand Bros
Pét Nat Blanc
Pinot Blanc, Silvaner
Pfalz, Germany

2022 was an incredibly hot year, with unexpected results. After a short 18 hour maceration, the Pinot Blanc came off the press far more orange than Jonas and Daniel expected! Despite its appearance, Pet Nat Blanc ’22 is fresh and crisp with 60% Pinot Blanc and 40% Silvaner. After more time in the bottle, it has developed into a gently mouthwatering wine with a touch of herbaceous bitterness, and ripe peach mixed with orange peel on the nose. Perfect to pour by the glass — fun to drink and still full of bubbles on the second day. Enjoy chilled.

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