Perlen Vor Die Säue
Riesling, Silvaner
Rheinhessen, Germany

How can anybody with the name Weinreich (Kingdom of Wine) not make wine? When the two brothers Jan and Marc took over the winery from their parents, they switched to organic farming and started slimming down the selection of wines. While Marc began tasting natural wines from all over Europe, he tried to convince his brother to make some as well. After Jan tried a couple, he didn’t like them at all. With some more convincing they created their very first orange wine and now have many natural juices in their line-up.

The name of this Pet Nat translates to “pearls in front of pigs,” meaning if you serve something to people they won’t appreciate it. For this, they only use the best, handpicked grapes and leave them in contact with the juice for two weeks. This sparkler goes into the bottle without fining or filtration. It results in a very zesty drink with some solid minerality and a bittersweet ending. I suggest trying this with Thai food or simple things like pizza.

This wine is part of
Volume 6: The Celebratory Edition