Weingut Schmitt
Pinot Brut Nature
Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc
Rheinhessen, Germany

We've previously featured Weingut Schmitt, a 200-year old winery in Rheinhessen. Bianka and Daniel have taken over the winery from his parents, and they met while taking a class with natural wine guru Julien Meyer in Alsace. In 2013 they started to make their own natural wines with biodynamic grapes and immediately made some pretty outstanding, distinctive juices. Since then they have expanded their natural wine list and are part of many wine lists around the world.

This Pinot Sekt is so easy to drink you might be done before you finish reading about it. It is made in the Blanc de Noirs style, which just means red grapes were used to make white wine. The juice is pressed very gently so no skin color will get into the must. In the cellar, no sulfur was being used, and no dosage was added for the bottle fermentation. It is full of energy with lots of floral and fruity notes. As recommended for most well made sparkling wine you should drink this from a wine glass and enjoy it with many kinds of food that need a little acid.

This wine is part of
Special Edition 1: Christmas Pack 2018