Valli Unite
Rosé and the Beast
Dolcetto, Barbera, Cortese, Favorita, Moscato, Malvasia
Piedmont, Italy

More a commune than your typical winemaker, Valli Unite farms about 100 hectares in the southern part of Piedmont in a small town called Costa Vescovato. With all the work in the vineyards and orchards, pastures, woodland, and gardens, there is enough to do for the more than 30 members. Especially since they work it all organically. Initially started by three young men in 1981, focusing on coming closer to nature when most young people left the countryside. They believe natural vinification is a social responsibility, so they don't filter or fine any of their wines. If you're in the area, plan some time to visit their restaurant to taste some of the food and wine they make.

You can almost feel how much fun they had making this wine just by the quirky label. This is a rosé frizzante wine, not made like your typical Pet Nat. All the grapes are hand-picked in September. After a bit of maceration, all the grapes were pressed and fermented together in stainless steel until March the following year. Most Italian bubbles differ from Pet Nat, as they add a concentrated grape must just before bottling to referment the wine in the bottle with the added sugar and yeast. Pet Nat is bottled when it still has enough sugar in the wine to continue the fermentation in the bottle without anything added. For this one, they let it ferment until June, and then it is disgorged. It's a beautiful strawberry lemonade or maybe a beast, with a little funk and some nice licorice notes. Enjoy it with a Vietnamese fruitier noodle dish or in the park with cake.

This wine is part of
Volume 32: The Skinny Edition