Valli Unite
Il Brut and The Beast
Piedmont, Italy

More a commune than your typical winemaker Valli Unite farms about 100 hectares in the southern part of Piedmont in a small town called Costa Vescovato. With all the work in the vineyards, as well as orchards, pastures, woodland, and gardens, there is enough to do for the more than 30 members. Especially since they work it all organically. Started in 1981 with a focus on coming closer to nature again, they did not stop changing their winemaking techniques. They believe natural vinification is a social responsibility, so they don't filter or fine any of their wines. If you're in the area, plan some time to visit their restaurant to taste some of the food and wine they make.

The name says it all. It's a beautiful dry beast. Not all grapes which go into it are known as it is a field blend, but there is a significant amount of Cortese, which is a typical grape in the region. After directly pressing all the grapes, the juice stays in steel tanks for 30 days to finish fermentation. As is typical for Col Fondo wines in Italy, they add some grape must from the same harvest to the bottle to start the secondary fermentation to create the fizz. With its moderate acidity, proper punch, and some salinity, it will be an excellent match for any kind of seafood.

This wine is part of
Volume 18: The Stay Home Edition