Strekov 1075
Fred #3
Blauer Portugieser, Alibernet, Dunaj
Južnoslovenská, Slovakia

Zsolt Sütó’s family only made wine for themselves during communist times, as every family was only allowed 0.2 hectares of land for winemaking. Nowadays he owns 12 hectares around the village of Strekov and has slowly converted everything to organic farming. For two years now he’s adding no sulfur to the wines and is doing many wines in the Jura style by not topping them off so a flor of yeast can form. This adds a third layer of complexity according to Zsolt. He is also convinced that the top layer of flora and fauna, which he calls the “living space” is more critical than terroir. He might be onto something.

What on the surface looks like a simple wine for quick drinking is actually quite a multi-layered experiment. For this cuvée, Zsolt mixed two vintages and some unusual grape varieties. Half of the wine is made with 2017 grapes of Alibernet and Dunaj which age for 15 months. In February he added Blauer Portugieser from 2018, so you get a very young and fresh wine. It’s a very smooth and quaffable blackberry juice with some proper acidity to make it a straightforward food companion with anything greasy or grilled.

This wine is part of
Volume 8: The Calling-it-quits Edition