Philip Lardot
Der Graf
Mosel, Germany

I was very happy to actually score a couple of bottles from Philip, as this is the first wine he made and there aren't many bottles out there. Philip is normally working for Ulli Stein and as a side project is now making a couple of natural wines.

If you haven't had much natural wine this is probably one of less funky tasting ones. It's a very creamy and rich Riesling - the very opposite of some of the more dry and mineral-heavy whites from the Mosel Valley. The grapes come from the Piesporter Grafenberg, a typical grey slate soil. Due to some skin-contact of the grapes (20% ferment with skin for 10 days) it even has some slight herbal notes. I suggest you open this the day before you wanna drink it to make some of the oaky flavors more subtle.

This wine is part of
Volume 1: The First Edition