Nuria Renom
La Mosca
Moscatel de Alejandría, Muscat de Frontignan
Catalonia, Spain

Nuria Renom was born in Argentina and moved to Spain with her family as a child. An Erasmus year during her veterinary studies took her to Pisa and it was here that she fell in love with wine. Two years later Nuria returned to Barcelona but, for her, a lot had changed. After studying as a sommelier Nuria began harvesting around the world, slowly amassing a range of experience which would later be poured into her wines. This was her first glimpse into winemaking, and it had a lasting impact. In 2013 Nuria became head sommelier at Bar Brutal in Barcelona - a significant role which might deter the average person from pursuing their own project! In 2014 the winemaking dream began to take shape, in the form of a tiny vineyard in the Garraf mountains. Alongside long hours working in service, Nuria would make the journey to tend to her vines. It was only last year that Nuria finally found a location for her project ‘Les Cantarelles’. The house has 16 hectares of vineyards, 8 of which Nuria and her partner tend to, still working with négoce grapes from her favourite plots within the Massís del Garraf area. The use of different plots enables harvesting in stages, and the wines are vinified in a shared space holding 20 small different projects. The plan is to focus on this property Nuria now calls home, transforming it into a small estate where she can continue making wines with respect for the biodiversity of the local environment.

La Mosca is made with Moscatel de Alejandría (70%) and Muscat de Frontignan (30%), the former macerated for 5 days and the latter for 13. This low alcohol pét-nat is grown in limestone soil and vinified using the traditional ancestral method, whereby sparkling wine is created in one fermentation. Nuria makes what she likes to drink: a wide range of bubbles and whites! In her words, this is a joyful wine to be drunk with ‘a ray of sun, some oysters, some happiness’.

This wine is part of
Volume 44: The old and new friends edition