Milan Nestarec
Bum Bum Cha
Riesling, Blaufränkisch
Moravia, Czech Republic

Milan's father started planting the first vineyards in 2001 and sold the grapes. Milan was fascinated by winemaking immediately back then when he was 13 and knew he wanted to do this his whole life. He studied enology, and in 2008, when he visited Friuli and Collio areas, he knew what kind of wine he wanted to make. With the help of Jaroslav Osička, he started to change to organic farming and natural winemaking. They lost many customers back then, but have now importers in 40 countries and farm about 25 hectares. Not bad for something started 20 years ago.

This Pet Nat started more out of an accident than any real plan. They were pressing the Riesling, and it wasn't enough for the barrels, so they needed to top it up. They used some direct press Blaufränkisch and were hoping it would work. They liked it so much that they bottled it before the fermentation was finished and made it into a sparkler. We love the result, as you get a lot of fruit with raspberry, watermelon, and still some good minerality. This works really well without any food, but maybe with a fruity dessert if you want to try it.

This wine is part of
Volume 24: The Bohemian Edition