Milan Nestarec
Forks and Knives Red
Pinot Noir
Moravia, Czech Republic

If there is somebody who is pretty much a star in the natural wine world, it is Milan Nestarec, and honestly, I’m his biggest fanboy. He makes some of the most outstanding orange wines in the world and uses almost no sulfur in any of his wines. His father bought eight hectares in 2001 and handed the land to Milan after he finished his winemaking studies. All his vines are farmed organically, as he believes you need the best grapes to make the best wine.

His Pinot Noir is fermented for ten days in steel tanks and is aged with one half in oak barrels and the other half in steel tanks. This produces a relatively light and extremely drinkable red wine. You could smell smoky berries and some earth. Tastewise it continues with those berries, some proper minerality, and nice acidity. As Milan said, have this wine with food like something oven-roasted or drink it slightly chilled as an aperitif.

This wine is part of
Volume 5: The No Sulfur Edition