Maison Lissner
Alsace, France

It‘s a fascinating story how Bruno Schloegel joined his uncle in 2001 at the age of 42. He was in the middle of his career as a agronomist, but was bored with being in an office all day. The family winery dates back to 1848 in the beautiful little village Wolxheim close to Strasbourg. As a scientist Bruno approached wine making very different and was mostly concerned about how the grapes get to a perfect healthy state without disrupting any of the cycles. Together with his son Théo they follow an almost no intervention regimen in the vineyard. The only thing they do is weaving the shoots of the vines, but anything else is left to grow however it needs to. Of course yields are smaller, but quality is outstanding in the 9 hectares.

Against all popular belief Bruno and Theo pick the grapes for this white wine when they are almost overripe and mostly use their taste as a guiding factor. After a direct press the wine ferments in a so called "foudre" which is a usually egg shaped wooden barrel. After 8 months it was ready to be bottled. They usually wait a little until they release the wines, as they believe, people usually drink the wine to early. Giving it another year before it is opened definitely helps to add some complexity and depth. In the nose it's a very floral business and when tasting it you get some of the salinity and sweetness typical for an Alsace Riesling. This salinity will also make it work very well with some steamed fish or simply oysters.

This wine is part of
Volume 25: The Choucroute Edition