La Sorga
Esprit Attila
Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, Merlot, Aramon
Languedoc, France

Anthony Tortul grew up in Ariège, a picturesque department of south-west France, where the land rises into the mountains of the Pyrenees. Leaving this unspoiled countryside behind, he moved to Toulouse to study chemistry. In September 2001, the explosion of the AZF fertilizer factory in Toulouse sent literal shock-waves through the surrounding area, resulting in thousands of injuries and 31 deaths. Anthony changed his career, choosing to follow a love of wine and nature. La Sorga came to life in 2008. Having worked for six years across the south of France and the Rhône, Anthony began to make wine in his father’s garage. As a négociant winemaker (using purchased grapes) Anthony meticulously selects grapes from a total of 25 hectares, working exclusively with organic and biodynamic vineyards. Anthony focuses on grapes from Languedoc, having previously used a small amount from other regions such as Chateauneuf du Pape and Gaillac. In 2018 he purchased his own, small vineyard of less than a hectare. Anthony’s reputation for energetic wines with eye-catching, rock ‘n’ roll labels (some designed by himself, most by Benjamin Nérot) quickly spread his name throughout the natural wine world, fuelled by his insistence on zero-sulphite vinification. Every year he produces around 35 cuvées, each with their own unique character that expresses not only the chosen grape varieties, but the terroir on which they were grown.

Esprit Attila 2019 is made with 60% Carignan (113 years old), 30% Syrah (40 years old), as well as Grenache, Merlot, and Aramon. The grapes come from Lagrasse, in the wine region of Corbières, and are grown on clay-limestone ferruginous soil. Whole bunches are macerated for 90 days before maturing in cement tanks for one year, followed by another year ageing in the bottle. The nose is very aromatic with blackcurrant and blueberry, followed by a full palate that is simultaneously concentrated and fresh.

This wine is part of
Volume 53: the red edition