Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, Pinot Noir
Burgenland, Austria

Founded as a project in 2015 by three friends Richard Artner, Xandl Kagl und Luka Zeichmann. They did not have much except, as they say, the pruning shears and boots. Initially, they made small numbers of bottles with one red and one white wine in Franz Weninger's cellar. By now, they have six hectares at the edge of the Leithaberg and farm it all organically. They also acquired some new land which they used to plant Furmint and Blaufränkisch.

This super-light red wine is made with grapes that are harvested a little earlier than usual. This helps with keeping the freshness and lightness. After harvest, it is left to macerate for a couple of days, and then each variety is left to ferment and rest in used oak barrels. In May the following year, it is bottled and left with a little fizz, hence the crown cap. It brings a beautiful structure, some herbal and some berry notes led by strawberry and cassis. Enjoy this wine chilled for day drinking or for an evening with a grill nearby.

This wine is part of
Volume 23: The Antoinette Edition