Glow Glow
Scheurebe, Bacchus, Müller-Thurgau
Nahe, Germany

First, Pauline wanted to explore and discover what’s out there in the world. One time she wanted to study law, another time become a pastry chef, and eventually, she got a degree in communication design. Somehow she missed all the wine things she grew up with and came back to the family winery. A winery that has already existed since 1855, and she now joined in the sixth generation. Her brother Carl, who always knew he wanted to make wine, joined her, and together they are the natural laboratory of Weingut Baumberger. Now with their second vintage, they are working fully organic and even convinced the dad to transform the entire 14 hectares with them. We heard rumors they are getting into Gamay soon, which is just another reason to visit them soon.

This is a very German white. It might even convince your grandma to drink more natural wine. The grapes were picked all fairly early at the end of the summer and then left destemmed overnight to macerate separately. After pressing them in the morning, the juice went directly into big wooden barrels to finish fermentation for roughly half a year until March. All three grape varieties are very aromatic and have an excellent phenol structure, which helps bring out a good grip. As the Glow Glow “Hauswein,” this kicks off a perfect summer day even when it rains. Lots of floral aromas like elderflower are mixed with apple and lemon to make you finally take a sip of this tropical sherbet powder with a herbal finish. Pauline recommends a fennel and orange salad, but with its low alcohol, you might be done with this bottle faster than you can prep the food.

This wine is part of
Volume 32: The Skinny Edition