Frank Cornelissen
Malvasia, Moscadella, Cattaratto, Nerello Mascalese
Sicily, Italy

As the son of a wine broker, Frank was exposed to wine from very early on and pretty soon was very much bored by all the expensive wines he drank. He set out to make different and more authentic wines with a focus on minerality. So he moved to Sicily and tried to make wines that ideally should taste like liquid rock. He is trying to avoid any treatments to his land, even homeopathic, organic or biodynamic, and just follows the path of nature as he puts it. Still, the cork is only one indication he's also using technology wherever possible to support his idea of terroir-driven wines.

The wine I picked made him a celebrity with a very different community. Action Bronson in his questionable effort to conquer natural wine chose Susucaru as his favorite wine of all times. Consequently, Susucaru was suddenly sold out everywhere and is to this day still very hard to find. Hopefully, you will taste the Etna minerality when trying this. It had ten days of skin contact and matured in epoxy tanks for a very pure taste. This is a very Jura-like wine, so have it with what you feel like, but it will be especially good with any kind of seafood.

This wine is part of
Volume 4: The Action Bronson Didn't Know Edition