Trentino, Italy

Formed thousands of years ago, Piana Rotaliana is home to over 400 hectares of vineyards - a plateau sheltered by the Alps and nurtured by the rivers Adige and Noce. This beautiful area is home to the autochthonous grape Teroldego, and to the Foradori winery. The winery lies 20 kilometres north of Trento: a Demeter-certified, holistic farm where vegetables grow amid the vines and animals complete the circle. Elisabetta took over in 1984, at the age of 20, and began to produce the powerful wines that made Foradori a household name. Since 2013 Elisabetta’s son, Emilio, has taken up the torch, following a more natural, experimental (and consequently high risk) approach. Having made ‘a lot of vinegar’ in his life, Emilio has learned from every mistake and, with the support of his siblings Theo and Myrtha, releases increasingly elegant wines. 30 hectares of vineyards are planted with mainly indigenous grapes. Nosiola, Manzoni Bianco and Pinot Grigio populate the rows, while Teroldego makes up 70% of the entire production - another local variety that has been grown in Trentino for hundreds of years. The Foradori family are renowned for their ability to produce wines that celebrate the true potential of Teroldego grapes.

Lezér was born ‘with the spirit of experimentation’. In August 2017, a wave of exceptionally severe hailstorms destroyed 40% of the harvest. With only a small yield of damaged grapes remaining, that couldn’t withstand lengthy macerations, the Foradoris began dozens of rapid macerations in every container they had at their disposal: from clay amphorae and wooden barrels to barriques, steel and cement tanks. The result was a new wine that has remained a firm favourite ever since. Bright red in the glass, Lezér 2021 has a stimulating strawberry and raspberry nose, fruity palate and velvety texture. Enjoy lighty chilled with Pasta al Finocchio.

This wine is part of
Volume 52: the Trentino edition