Enderle & Moll
Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir
Baden, Germany

Sven Enderle and Florian Moll have a cult following for their reds or, more specifically, outstanding Pinot Noir from ancient vines. They met in school and recognized they have the same approach to winemaking and started in 2007 to realize their dream of owning a winery. Slowly they bought land on the Black Forest slopes, which the conventional wineries didn't want anymore, and ended up with old and beautiful vines. They farm about six hectares, some organic and some biodynamic with the most care. Due to the small amounts they make, the wine is being allocated, and it is usually gone very quickly. Just last year, Sven left the winery, and together with his partner Géraldine, Florian is now trying to get everything going smoothly.

Not exactly what you would think of as an entry-level wine. This red is a perfect example of a wine that's made slowly. It starts with 30-year-old vines planted in sandstone and limestone. After the harvest in September, the whole clusters ferment for about a month and then age for a year in used Burgundy barrels. There is not much else happening except for a tiny bit of sulfur at bottling. On the nose, you get a wild berry mix, and once you have it in your mouth, it feels like an earthy and herbal cherry cocktail with a little spritz of licorice. It's a perfect match for any typical French bistro fare like steak with fries or just a potato gratin.

This wine is part of
Volume 29: The Umami Edition