Enderle & Moll
Pinot Noir
Baden, Germany

Although Sven Enderle and Florian Moll became famous for their reds, I've gotten to know them because of their very affordable and brilliantly made white wines. They met in school and realized they have the same approach to winemaking. Slowly they bought land which the conventional wineries didn't want anymore and ended up with very old and beautiful vines. They farm about two hectares and accordingly their wines are gone very quickly. It's one of those winemakers that is probably more famous in the US than in Germany, although they are arguably on top of contemporary winemaking.

The Pinot Noir Liaison is made from 45-year-old vines and can easily compete with some of the much more expansive versions from Burgundy. Although this one is actually a fantastic deal for you subscribers because this bottle alone will typically cost 20 Euros or more. I suggest to open this bottle at least an hour before and ideally to decant it. It will reward you with a lovely nose of spicy blackberries and some lighter cranberries. When drinking you might get darker cherries and some five spice aromas. It can easily be combined with many foods from basic pasta to more advanced French food.

This wine is part of
Volume 2: The Deutschwein Edition