Domaine Rohrer
Crémant Blanc de Noirs
Pinot Noir
Alsace, France

Originally Ludovic Rohrer had decided to do something outside of the families wine business, which had been around for nine generations. After a while he realized it might be nicer to be outside then sitting in offices. He came back in 2012 and started his first trials with natural wine. Funnily enough his father André did similar experiments in 2008 on the nine hectare farm. After Ludovic met Patrick Meyer he was ready to start with the conversion to biodynamic and making only natural wines, while his dad still makes some conventional ones. His sister has also joined the family business and together they are now showing the family how much of their wine is being shipped to far away places. With a big focus on sparkling wines it seems like there is lots of potential to grow.

This Crémant is special. Ludovic, wanted to break with tradition and the practice of blending, which people in Alsace copied from the Champagne region. Crémant was usually seen as an affordable (cheap) version of a Champagne. Slowly this is changing and Alsace is at the forefront of competing with some of the best Grower Champagnes. For this one the ripe red grapes are directly pressed and ferment for eight months in stainless steel. Afterwards they are bottled with some additional sugar and yeast and stay "sur latte" for 15 months. Nothing is added once they are ready. With it's light yellow color and some red reflexes it shows how well balanced it is. With it's roundness I would think it works well with dessert or during an afternoon with cake and friends.

This wine is part of
Volume 25: The Choucroute Edition