Domaine Mosse
Pineau d’Aunis, Grolleau
Loire, France

Before they started their wine adventure, Agnès and René Mosse had a wine bar in Tours together. Their experience back then made them change direction, and they started to study viticulture and enology in Amboise. After two years in Burgundy, they found a retiring winemaker in the Anjou and around 1999 bought the winery in Saint-Lambert-du-Lattay. Immediately they started transforming everything to organic, but initially had a hard time selling wine because of the bad reputation of the Anjou region. Today they are at the forefront of making Loire one of the hotbeds of natural wine. They now farm 17 hectares together with their two sons Joseph and Sylvestre, who are slowly taking over the winery.

The Moussamoussettes is a unique Pet Nat, it has quite the cult following and is usually sold out very quickly. The formula of what goes into it is dependent on the amount of each grape variety they have that year. After two days with the skins, the pressed juice ferments for two months in Burgundy barrels. It was filled into bottles last November with 15 grams of sugar left to continue the fermentation and to add the bubbles. It’s perfect as an aperitif, or because it’s slightly off-dry as a night-cap with dessert.

This wine is part of
Volume 11: The Youth Edition