Domaine Lise et Bertrand Jousset
Éxilé Rosé Petillant
Loire, France

Lise and Bertrand weren’t planning to start a winery so quickly when a friend told them about a fantastic estate with 9 hectares in the Loire valley which was up for grabs. Just like this, they started making wine in 2004. They very soon farmed everything organic, and fortunately, after some initial struggles it all worked out very well, and they are now even running a wine bar right on the winery grounds.

The Exilé line is made with grapes from nearby domains, which they buy. Initially, they started this line because their harvest wasn’t good enough due to weather conditions. This is still a problem in the Loire region, but now they release this line every year. The wine is a very fresh sparkling Pet Nat made with 40-years old Gamay. It’s almost Champagny clean and bright, but with enough sweet strawberry flavor to make it different. It should be good with cheese or just a simple salad.

This wine is part of
Volume 5: The No Sulfur Edition