Domaine Glinavos
Debina, Vlahiko
Ioannina, Greece

Lefteris Glinavos started his winery after he studied enology and viticulture in Bordeaux. Once back in Greece he began working with local grape varieties and researched traditional winemaking methods. For the past 40 years, he continually expanded the winery which is now at 58 hectares, which also means Glinavos is not only making natural wines.

The Paleokerisio, which translates to "old-fashioned wine" is an exceptional project to resurrect a winemaking style which was very common in the Zitsa region. It is is a slightly sweet semi-sparkling orange wine, which is made with 12 days of skin contact from the white grape Debina and a little bit of the red grape Vlahiko. It smells and tastes almost like sweet apple cider, but reveals lots of honey, tropical aromas, and a slight bitterness. Should work beautifully with cheese before or after dinner.

This wine is part of
Volume 4: The Action Bronson Didn't Know Edition