Domaine de Sulauze
Super Modeste
Vermentino, Ugni Blanc
Provence, France

When Karina Lefévre traveled to France from Brazil, she probably didn't expect to stay. While hiking in Corsica, she met Guillaume, who was hiking as well, and with "love at first sight," the two hit it off. After hearing about a French farm subsidization program in 2004, they bought a farm and winery in Miramas in southern Provence. They farm around 30 hectares of vineyards all biodynamically. In addition, part of the estate is also a couple of hectares with wheat and olive trees. Most of their production goes towards a non-conformist Provence-style rose, but more and more some new wines are showing up in their portfolio.

The grapes for this Pet Nat are co-fermented for a couple of weeks before they get a very light filtration. Once the sugar is at a certain level, the wine is bottled to finish fermentation in the bottle. The result is close to a traditional sparkler with a secondary fermentation. Very zippy and fresh with citrus and pear aromatics, but finishes with some salty breeze from the sea around the corner. This should work well as a starter but is really good with raw seafood if that is your kind of thing.

This wine is part of
Volume 23: The Antoinette Edition