Domaine de la Sénéchalière
La Bohème
Melon de Bourgogne
Loire, France

Initially, Marc Pesnot wanted to get rid of all the local Melon de Bourgogne plantings. A variety which is usually used for the more industrial wine called "Muscadet." After tasting wine from natural pioneers Overnoy and Lapierre, he decided it's not the grape, but how it is used by winemakers. He reduced yields to get better material and even picked twice to always choose only the ripe grapes. His 20 hectares of 50-year and older vines are now very healthy and are farmed without any pesticides. His wines now all carry the "Vin de France" label, as he cannot use the local "Muscadet" appellation.

The grapes for this white wine grow on Schist, and they are harvested in two passes. Each time he only picks the ripe grapes and waits for the next one to have the remaining grapes ripe. After destemming and a very slow manual pressing, they ferment for a fairly long four months. After the fermentation, they rest on the lees for another six months in stainless steel. The result is impressive, as most people would say Melon de Bourgogne can't produce exciting wines. The flowery and fruity notes are followed up by more white fruit in the mouth with a good dash of minerals. Beautifully pairs with shellfish, chicken, or just a simple summer salad.

This wine is part of
Volume 23: The Antoinette Edition