Domaine Bobinet
Cabernet Franc
Loire, France

Sebastian grew up in a winery, and for him, it almost felt natural to start making wine. But for a while, he worked in glassmaking and only came back in his early thirties. Originally a professional dancer, Emeline switched careers, became a sommelier, and met Sebastian after several stints. He had taken over the tiny winery in 2002 from his grandparents and immediately switched to organic farming. Together they turned everything upside down and made the winery well known for natural wines in the Loire. The power couple complements each other: Sebastian working in the cellar and Emeline focusing on sales and marketing.

Learning all the details about carbonic maceration from Bernard Pontonnier in 2007, Sebastian is always trying new things with this technique. This wine, for instance, was made with half carbonic and half traditional maceration. With carbonic maceration, the grapes ferment as a whole without any oxygen in a closed container creating a very fresh and stable wine. After this initial phase, the two musts are assembled and continue to ferment for 4 months in a barrel. This is their spring wine, meant to be an easy wine with juice-like qualities. With loads of red fruit, especially sour cherries and green tobacco, this will delight any late-summer barbecue.

This wine is part of
Volume 36: The Power Edition