Dlúhé Grefty
Alba Mixtura
Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc
Moravia, Czech Republic

Supposedly Jaroslav Tesařík just needed some exercise and thought it would be good to spend time in a vineyard. Guess what he did: he bought some plot from a neighbor and sold the grapes to a friend. He wasn't pleased with all the chemicals involved with conventional farming and learned about farming organically. The next logical step was instead of selling the grapes to his friend to try making his own wine. He now produces a couple of thousand bottles of wine with the two hectares, which is usually quickly sold out.

The Sauvignon grapes for this light orange wine were picked first in September, while the Riesling was picked a little later in October. They also ferment separately, and the Sauvignon gets a little skin contact, which explains the lovely orange color. It spent 8 months in oak barrels for aging and was bottled end of May. If you can, please decant it and wait a little bit to open up and release some of its natural reductive notes. No worries if you can't wait, it will reward you with tropical notes and some luscious cocktail notes with every additional minute it is open. It should be perfect with its very balanced acidity to pair it with any not so spicy Asian food, such as Vietnamese.

This wine is part of
Volume 24: The Bohemian Edition