Bianco 450 SLM
Veneto, Italy

When in 2006 Ernesto Cattel and a few partners started Costadilà as a side business they wanted to go back in time and start a farm with polyculture, where vines, fruits, vegetables, cereals, and livestock all happily coexist. Everything is farmed organically and focused on the long term health of the soil and vines. Unexpectedly Ernesto passed away in 2018 and with him left one of the proponents of the Col Fondo Prosecco making. Fortunately, the partners continue to make the wine and time will tell how good the new vintages are.

This wine was still made by Ernesto and as you might have guessed the number means the elevation of the vineyard. The 450 is the highest in the range. After a couple of days macerating with the skins, the wine is made by fully fermenting it until it is completely dry. Before they bottle they mix in must from dried passito grapes to finish a secondary fermentation and create the carbonation. You will get grassy notes combined with pear and sour apples. Though we usually have this with Pizza, this is a perfect match to many kinds of spicy and flavorful Asian food.

This wine is part of
Volume 10: The Bastard Edition