Frank Cornelissen
Susucaru Rosso
Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Capuccio, Allicante Boushet, Minella, Uva Francesa
Sicily, Italy

As the son of a wine broker, Frank was exposed to wine from very early on and pretty soon was very much bored by all the expensive wines he drank. He set out to make different and more authentic wines with a focus on minerality. To fulfill this dream, he moved to Sicily and tried to make wines that ideally should contain as much terroir as possible. He is trying to avoid any treatments to his land, even homeopathic, organic, or biodynamic, and just follows the path of nature as he puts it. In the cellar, he’s not adding or taking away anything from the wine. Still, the cork is only one indication he’s also using technology wherever possible to support his idea of terroir-driven wines.

After some industrial wine producer picked the name "Contadino," which this wine was previously called, Frank did the smartest thing and just named this one "Susucaro Rosso" to take some of the fame of the rosé with the same name. Frank makes a "pied-de-cuve," a starter culture, from the same vineyard to get the fermentation going. The must and the skins stay in neutral epoxy tanks, with the skins being removed after 60 days. You will probably taste the volcanic Etna minerality when trying this, but also small red cherries, licorice, and smoky, peppery notes. This Vino Rosso is going well with seafood pasta or grilled meats.

This wine is part of
Volume 17: The Content-is-King Edition