Claus Preisinger
Blaufränkisch Kalkstein
Burgenland, Austria

When you see the minimal labels of Claus Preisinger, you'd probably think it's a small independent producer from Burgenland. Yes, he's independent and works bio-dynamically, but he actually owns 19 hectares of vineyards, which makes him one of the more significant producers of natural wine in the area. He started already in 1999 and has since then continuously evolved how he makes wine and is currently making extremely reliable and well-made wines.

This red wine is made with Blaufränkisch, the second most popular grape variety in Austria. Some people say it's very similar to Pinot Noir, just better. And for this wine, I couldn't agree more. It’s very straightforward to drink and will make you want more of those slightly unripe blackberries and raspberries mixed with a very harmonious spiciness. I mean, have it with whatever you feel like, but this might also be good with some proper meat heavy Christmas dish.

This wine is part of
Volume 3: The Bestes Christmas Edition