Chateau Moabit
Palatinate, Germany

When Marleen Franke got more and more interested in natural wine, she started looking for places to learn more about it and ended up in Pflalz at the Brand Brothers winery during harvest. It was there where she decided to make Pet-Nat in Berlin. After a little planning session, the Brand brothers helped her with making her first wine with their grapes. The bottles were then shipped to Berlin to be stored in the family's cellar in Moabit. The Berlin graphic designer Katja Koeberlin has developed the look and every bottle his hand-sprayed with the specific color the door of the building in Moabit has. Soon there will be new collaborations with other winemakers.

The grapes for this sparkler were handpicked at the end of August. After directly pressing the juice, it got to ferment for a couple of weeks and was put into bottles in September. They were then moved to Berlin and left to finish fermentation and age for at least six months. Before they were sold, the Brand brothers came to Berlin to help with disgorging (getting rid of the sediment in the bottle). The outcome is the ultimate example of freshness, not what you necessarily expect from a "Müller." Of course, you can have this as an aperitif with salty snacks, but this will work very well with creamy pasta or a cheese plate.

This wine is part of
Volume 16: The Hipster Edition