Cantina Furlani
Pinot Gris
Trentino, Italy

Being a fourth-generation winemaker, Matteo Furlani started making wine in 2002 after finishing his enology and agriculture studies. Initially, he used grapes from his grandfather's winery, who also taught him most of his wine knowledge over the years. However, he soon acquired his own plots with various native and international grape varieties. Most of them perfectly placed with a total of six hectares are very high up in the Dolomite mountains, and it is dazzling how well the vines grow up there. After a couple years of experimenting in the cellar, he switched to organic and partial bio-dynamic farming. With his focus on sparkling wines, he has made himself a name for producing some of the most approachable mineral "Sur Lie" bubbles in northern Italy.

This color! The grapes for this fizz come from a 30-year-old plot and are 350 meters above sea level. And before you think this is a rosé wine, think again. As the grapes are macerating for 15 days, the skins of the Pinot Gris variety will release some red color and light tannins. After a light press, the wine continues fermentation in steel tanks during winter until spring when it is bottled. Then, with some frozen juice from the same harvest, the second fermentation will be done in the bottle. This is a fluffy cloudy drink perfect for all the summer things. It greets you with ripe white peach and morphs into a better version of a rhubarb-grapefruit soda. It works with many lighter summer things like salads or even as a complete meal pairing.

This wine is part of
Volume 34: The Marcucci Edition