Andreas Gsellmann
OMG Rosé
St. Laurent
Burgenland, Austria

In the far east of Austria, Andreas Gsellmann’s winery skirts the edge of Neusiedlersee: the largest endorheic lake in central Europe. The lake has a unique microclimate, retaining warmth which it slowly releases throughout the night with a moderating effect on the surrounding vineyards. Expansive reedbeds along the shoreline provide an essential resting spot for migratory birds. Andreas was fascinated by biodynamic farming early in his career and seeks to be part of a sustainable circle; observing, appreciating and working in harmony with the series of ‘little miracles that make up... the meaning of life’. As a winemaker he feels it is his job to find a balance between traditional winemaking and biodynamic living, producing great wine in the process. The Gsellmann family have been making wine since the 1800s, farming 19 hectares in the Neusiedlersee region. In 1994 Franz’s father co-founded ‘Pannobile’, uniting 9 winemakers from the region in the shared pursuit of quality wines, while valuing openness and responsibility to nature. It is an alliance which has enabled these winemakers to learn from each other, and pass on these common values to future generations.

Andreas makes wines with individual personalities, leaving the grapes unadulterated in order to express the shifting elements in which they were grown. Pet Nat OMG Rosé is 100% St. Laurent: a variety indigenous to Austria and named after St. Lawrence's Day, when the grapes begin to change colour. After two hours of maceration, the grapes are spontaneously fermented in stainless steel tanks and used barrels, before being bottled for their final fermentation. A low alcohol Pet Nat with an exciting palate: cranberry and vanilla aromas give way to rhubarb and red berry bitterness on the tongue, softened by a note of strawberry. Amazing with grilled fish or granita.

This wine is part of
Volume 40: The Style Edition