Andi Weigand
Franconia, Germany

Andi almost became a banker. Then, just at the last minute, he didn't get the job he hoped for and changed to learning all about making wine. His parents were probably happy because he could take over the winery in the small town of Iphofen and continue the family business. Since 2015 when he slowly transitioned into the winery, a lot has changed: he's the boss, the dad Werner is helping him wherever he can, and the mom still runs the beautiful bed and breakfast. The 10 hectares are farmed fully organic on the exceptional soil of Keuper, which makes the wines more herbal, crisp, and fresh. Nowadays, Andi sells out every year before the vintage is even ready.

Silvaner did not always have the best reputation for the last couple of decades. Being used for most of the white "Frankenwein" in the bottles with the belly for most younger people, this meant old people's wine. After Stefan Vetter, the other Franconian winemaker, already elevated Silvaner from the lows of previous times, Andi is now trying it as well. With harvest being in early September, Andi tries to preserve the freshness, and with a little bit of skin contact, it adds some structure to the wine. It is pressed with an old basket press and aged in big old oak barrels for 9 months. With a bit of flint, in the beginning, the nose opens up and shows some herbal, minty, and grapefruit notes. Once you drink it, an apple joins the party, and with its perfect acidity and grip, it shines very brightly. This calls for something a little refined, like a chicken breast with chanterelles.

This wine is part of
Volume 35: The Reform Edition