Andi Weigand
Bacchus, Müller-Thurgau, Scheurebe, Silvaner
Franconia, Germany

He almost became a banker, but just at the last minute, he didn’t get the apprenticeship he hoped for and changed to learning all about making wine. His parents were probably happy because he could take over the winery in the small town of Iphofen and continue the family business. He wasn’t interested in winemaking as a kid, but now he’s thrilled to have chosen this path and he’s slowly changing how they make wine: all organic, picking grapes by hand, spontaneous fermentation, and big oak barrels are now being used. This year he started the new line without any filtering and no added sulfites.

All the grape varieties for this wine ferment separately in oak barrels after they’re pressed with an old basket press. The vines are up to 45 years old. After it is being pressed, the juice remains in those oak barrels for nine months until it’s all put together and bottled in May. What you get is a very easy drinking white wine with a slight herbal and flowery nose and a well balanced tropical taste. With its fuller body and medium acidity it should work well with a variety of white pasta dishes.

This wine is part of
Volume 11: The Youth Edition