Andert Wein
Zweigelt, Welschriesling
Burgenland, Austria

The two brothers Erich and Michael grew up on a farm in Pamhagen near Neusiedler lake, where wine was just one part of the production. Nowadays, they mostly focus on wine, and they’ve been farming the 4.5 hectares bio-dynamically since 2003. To fertilize only manure from their animals is used. Everything is very down to earth as they have the self-built stone cellar right under their house and do the labeling in the garage. It’s more like one of those French under the radar wineries than many other designed neighboring wineries. Fortunately, they haven’t stopped farming and raising animals, which they sell prepared through their little food market on site. As several sources have told me, the cellar is without electricity, and any tasting down there is done with candles — next time, I want to see this.

How can you make a Zweigelt even more juicy and drinkable? By adding some white Welschriesling into the mix. And why do they call this “Personalgetraenk” (meaning “the beverage for the employees”)? Because in 2016, they had lots of frost damage, and because of this, they only had half a barrel of Pinot Gris, which was topped off with Zweigelt. As everybody working on the farm like it so much, it was mostly drunk by them, so they called it “Personalgetraenk.” Now they use Welschriesling instead of Pinot Gris and actually sell it. Lucky us! The white grapes spend 6 days on their skins and the Zweigelt 10 days. They are fermented and aged separately and then combined just before bottling. It delivers light cherry aromas and some herbal saltiness directly into your heart. With its proper acidity, this will balance out even some spicier Thai food.

This wine is part of
Volume 28: The Castle Edition