Alexander Koppitsch
Zweigelt Unfiltered
Burgenland, Austria

Maria and Alex took over the winery from their parents in 2011. The parents didn't make their own wine instead sold grapes or bulk wines, so it's a good thing they actually changed that. They farm biodynamically and do most of the work by hand. They just shared their new approach with me and they won't do any single variety wines anymore. So this one is one of the few last single variety wines left. Looking forward to try some of the new ones they have in the pipelines. Will keep you posted.

Before you open this bottle be sure to not shake it too much or otherwise let it rest for a bit. There is some sediment in there that is not necessarily good for the texture while drinking it. Zweigelt is a poster child of Austrian grapes rarely seen outside of Austria. This specific one smells like cassis and toasted wood. Once it's in the glass you get some spicy cherry notes.

This wine is part of
Volume 1: The First Edition